If you didn't come from a healthy home, make sure a healthy home comes from you!

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Learn about the toxins in your life and what they are doing to you, your family and your environment.
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Toxic vs Non-Toxic
Learn about the most toxic items in your home and easy swaps to start living more toxic-free today! This is the best in toxin-Free Living and Wellness!

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DIY or Buy?
From cleaning to skincare, to pet care, to weight loss, to zero waste, to soap making, we will teach you how to DIY or buy non-toxic products.

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Learn How To Lose 60+ lbs., Regain Your Energy and Your Health
Most diets" focus only on weight loss, that you will regain when you stop that diet! Our plan will guide you through sustainable lifestyle changes for all age groups that will allow you to lose as much weight as you want while eating delicious nutritious foods, heal your gut and reclaim your health.
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Learn How To Make Holistic Bath & Body Products

Have you every wanted to make your own organic, all-natural, toxin-free soaps, lotions, salves, shampoo, conditioner and deodorant?? Well here is you chance! I will teach you all of this and more. In bonus lessons, I will also teach you how to make safe bug sprays and flea and tick repelling dog soaps.

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Learn How To Make Botanical Skin Care Products

In our Botanical Skin Care course, I will teach you how to make bath bombs, melts and salts. You will learn how to make luxurious cleansers and cleansing creams, body butters, gels, masks, scrubs, serums, sprays, toners, oils, lotion bars, blemish preparations, including all of the recipes.

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Learn How To Create Your Own Holistic Medicine Cabinet
Learn how to make your own holistic remedies, healing teas, infusions, herbal honey's, poultices, healing salves, syrups, glycerites, tinctures, bitters, herbal vinegars, lozenges, gummies, elixirs, massage oils, clay pastes, and more! As a bonus, I will teach you how to create a holistic first aid kit for home and travel.

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Learn How To Make Your Own Toxin-Free Household Cleaners

In this course you will learn about the most toxic items that you most likely have in your home right now! You will learn how to make your own all-purpose household cleaner, soft scrub, dishwasher soap, laundry soap, stain stick, linen sprays, goo remover, tub and shower sprays & gels, safe air fresheners and more!

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Learn About Minimalism And Zero Waste Living, Including Resources

In this FREE but informative course you will learn about minimalism and zero waste living through documentaries and other resources. Find out how to reduce your stuff in order to create a less stressful life full of peace, joy and freedom. I will direct you to products that will reduce your carbon footprint and help rebuild our planet.

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Learn How To Make Healthy Breads And Pastas
Learn how to purchase organic wheat berries to sprout and dehydrate the whole grains and then mill your own flour to produce healthy sourdough breads full of vitamins, minerals and fiber! I will teach you how to create a powerful sourdough starter and how easy the starter can be to maintain. I will also teach you how to create healthy pastas, desserts, rolls and more!

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Learn How To Make Probiotic Rich Fermented Foods

Lacto Fermented Foods are one of the oldest, best and most natural ways to heal your gut and improve your overall health. Learn how to make your own sauerkraut, kimchi, ginger carrots, cultured dairy (yogurt, kefir, cultured butter), Kombucha and more. We will also cover sprouting your beans and grains to remove the phytic acid for better digestibility.

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Learn The Amazing Benefits Of Essential Oils And Oil Infused Products

This is a combination of FREE how to improve your health and your life with Essential Oils and Essential Oils infused products. Courses include: Oils For Babies, Oils For Kids, Pregnancy and Oils, Essential Oils For Animals, Aging Gracefully with Essential Oils, Mineral Makeup, Oils for Hormones, Oils for Dudes, All About CBD and more. New courses are added monthly!

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Wellness Blog
Explore our Blog Posts for valuable information on Toxin-Free Living, Natural Remedies, Weight Loss Information, Saving Our Planet, Zero Waste, Healthy Eating, Planet Medicine, Easy Lifestyle Changes for Your Health, Kids In The Kitchen, Healthy Recipes, Minimalism, Different Eating Plans for Health, How Monsanto is slowing killing us and so much more!

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